PhD recruitment: Value Chain and Sustainability Assessments of European aquaculture value chains

We are looking to recruit a PhD student: Value Chain and Sustainability Assessments of European Aquaculture Value Chains.

The EU has a growing demand for seafood yet with stagnating fisheries and low growth in aquaculture production, it has had to meet demand through increased imports. However, the EU has a desire to increase aquaculture production through sustainable intensification to reduce reliance on imports.

In this project, we will conduct simultaneous Value Chain Analyses (VCA) and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on the key species of the European aquaculture industry and emerging technologies within the sector which may contribute to sustainable intensification and growth within the sector. Together with project partners across the EU we will conduct surveys of 5 key finfish and 3 shellfish species to collect Value Chain and Life Cycle Inventory data up to consumption and including all major nodes of the value chain; feed production, farming, processing, post-processing and consumption. 

As much of this work involves survey work within partner countries, extensive periods of travel will be required in order to collect relevant data. The student will construct models using standard software such as SimaPro using the EcoInvent database and will be expected to contribute to constructing an overall sustainability assessment index including aspects of environmental, economic, social sustainability and welfare in collaboration with project partners. 

This PhD project is fully funded by the EU Horizon2020 programme. We welcome applications from EU citizens with adequate EU residency status. 

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