Dr Richard Newton assisting in establishment of BATiP (Bangladesh Aquaculture Technology Innovation Platform)

Dr Richard Newton attended the second meeting of BATiP (Bangladesh Aquaculture Technology Innovation Platform) this week, assisting in establishing the organisation as branch of EURASTiP.  

These Aquaculture Technology Innovation Platforms aim to "establish and develop national and international networks relevant to industry needs and research and development prioritisation, capitalising on existing best practice, training and technology transfer".

BATiP has been designed to include all stakeholders of the Bangladesh aquaculture value chain, providing a platform for these stakeholders to come together to address and resolve the challenges that lie ahead through a concerted and dedicated approach.

As part of the project, Richard visited a fish market in Jessore to observe pituitary gland extraction, a process by which the glands are removed, dried and preserved and transported around the globe (to 22 countries) where they are used to induce spawning, particularly in carp species.