Small scale business models " Aquapreneurs" GIZ Worldfish Center funded project Inception Meeting opens in Blantyre Malawi

3 year GIZ WFC funded “Aquapreneurs” Small scale inclusive aquaculture value chain business models project opened with an Inception meeting ( 17-19th July 2019) in Blantyre, Malawi. This project builds on the progress made in the previous Scottish Govt funded Aquaculture Enterprise Malawi AEM and SHASP small scale hatchery projects both based in Southern Malawi. Project partners include WFC Zambia and Imani Development Malawi, with the projects aim to support and develop to standalone financial viability 30 small scale “aquapreneurs” across the nascent but now growing aquaculture value chain in Malawi . For more details contact William Leschen at and David Bargh