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Big carp

Big carp

1. You are asked to produce a ‘case’ for or against either (1) an EU buyer importing Chinese tilapia and (2) the Fairtrade organisation regarding their certification of Bangladeshi shrimp.
2. The final written report should provide a convincing case for these two audiences to base a decision. 
3. Your first activities (Thurday) are based around immersing yourself in the information available and discussing the material with other members of your learning teams. This is a chance for peer-to-peer learning where you should seize this opportunity for helping each other by complementing each-other’s strengths and clarifying understanding. 
4. The questions are designed to orientate you to the types of issue you should cover. The report should not be based around answering them specifically or any standard scientific structure-remember who your audience is! 
5. The materials made available of Succeed are not exhaustive. We encourage you to seek out other views and resources. 
6. The learning groups are not intended for you to all develop the same opinion but rather to encourage you to test and explore your ideas within your group. 
7. On Friday AM you will spilt into two groups: Tilapia in H3 and Shrimp in H5.This will be an opportunity for discussion around the emerging issues that will be facilitated by your instructors. 
8. Come prepared…know the background briefing materials because you will be asked questions and encouraged to actively contribute. Come with opinions and be willing to share them. 
9. Do not exceed 2000 words-it will not be read. Brevity is a virtue and if you can satisfy the objective in a shorter report that is fine. Less can be more. 
10. For your individual report both content and presentation are important. It needs to be understandable, easy to read and convincing. Think about how you present your case to achieve this most effectively.