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News Blog

News and comments from members of the Aquaculture Systems Theme and Associates at the Institute of Aquaculture


Scottish Govt SHASP Hatchery Project Malawi

Will Leschen

William  Leschen    recently  visited   southern Malawi   for the   Scottish Govt funded  3 year SHASP project - which is developing   financially viable  small  scale pond hapa  based   tilapia   fingerling producers  within a 100km  radius of Blantyre.

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Visit from Shanghai Ocean University

Will Leschen

The Institute  was recently   visited by    colleagues   from Shanghai Ocean University (SOU)   with talks   carried out  with members of the Sustainable Aquaculture  Group   towards future potential   collaborations

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The Rise of Aquaculture By-products

Richard Newton

Following on from work with The Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO) investigating potential to increase global fishmeal and fish oil supplies from by-products, Julien Stevens, built on the work of Dr. Richard Newton, first in an MSc project and then with a follow up project to investigate how by-products from Scottish farmed salmon are utilised, and how value and efficiency could be added.

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John Bostock at Aquaculture Singapore 2017

John Bostock

John Bostock participated in Aquaculture Singapore 2017from 3-7th October, providing a workshop on Case Studies in Intensification and Disease Management in Pond, Cage and Recirculated Aquaculture Systems, and a seminar presentation on "Know why, know when and know how for aquaculture intensification".

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New IMAQulate Probiotics Project website launched

Will Leschen

We are delighted to launch the IMAQulate website today! 

With information on the project team, workplan and resources, it will be updated regularly with news of our activities! The BBSRC   funded IMAQulate Project is   working in India Bangladesh and   Kenya to look into the use of Prophylactic Health Products (PHP's)  in the shrimp and finfish aquaculture sectors in each country.

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