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News and comments from members of the Aquaculture Systems Theme and Associates at the Institute of Aquaculture


Marine Conservation Society Presentation

John Bostock

Dawn Purchase (MCS) Opens the Aquaculture Session

Dawn Purchase (MCS) Opens the Aquaculture Session

John Bostock (standing in for Francis Murray) joined Dawn Purchase (MCS) and Daniel Lee (GAA) to present in a special  session on aquaculture at the Marine Conservation Society Annual Meeting which was held at Edinburgh Zoo on 26th October 2016. The Session was chaired by MCS Chairman - Hugh Raven, with an overall theme of "innovation in aquaculture".  In his presentation, John gave a brief overview of some of the research undertaken at the Institute of Aquaculture with Scottish and partners from around the globe. In particular, research that is contributing to innovations that help address issues of sustainability and environmental impact. Examples were grouped into research that optimises production performance (and hence minimises resource use and environmental impacts), research into new aquaculture feeds, and contributions to better sector analysis and governance. The Sustainable Aquaculture Research Group is involved in project that address all of these themes.