BlueEDU project meets in Stirling


Members of the BlueEDU consortium (EU Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project) met in Stirling in mid November to review progress and work on detailed plans for the second year of the project (2018).  From left to right: Steve McKillop (University of Stirling), Catherine Pons (Federation of European Aquaculture Producers), John Birger Stav (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Martyn Haines (Pisces Learning Innovations Ltd.),  John Bostock (University of Stirling), Dag Willmann (Guri Kunna VET School), Panos Christofilogiannis (Aquark) and Adrian Stoica (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The project is researching vocational training needs and provision within the cage farming aquaculture sector in both Northern and Southern Europe.