Wasseem Emam PhD student carrying out field work in the Nile delta Egypt for the BOLTI project

Institute of Aquaculture PhD student Wasseem Emam doing his field work in the Nile delta as part of the Newton British Council Funded BOLTI project. His PhD is investigating 'Different aspects on the welfare of farmed tilapia in Egypt'. The project is also working with the Faculty of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of Kafr El Sheik University and WorldFish Center Abassa in partnership. This sampling was carried out at Eng. Ahmed El Sharaky's farm site which is in the El Hamoul area of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate; this governorate produces over 70% of Egypt's commercial tilapia production. The BOLTI project has been investigating behavioural prophylaxis and design modifications of earthponds in order to set up water temperature gradients to reduce mortalities and improve growth and performance of farm stocks. Further details on the project can be obtained from David Little dcl1@stir.ac.uk