Southeast Asia Fisheries and Aquaculture Initiative launch

Professor Dave Little attended the Southeast Asia Fisheries and Aquaculture Initiative (SAFAI)  launch as a part of a newly formed Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide guidance and expertise in support of the initiative. The initiative is led by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 

The objective of the Initiative is to advance long term, sustainable and scalable models for fisheries and aquaculture development in Southeast Asia. The Initiative seeks a comprehensive approach to development that can achieve multiple objectives necessary for long term success, including economic viability, legality, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Focal countries for this project include Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Through new research, partnerships and diplomacy, the Initiative will encourage governance reforms and advance new models of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development.  

Professor Little, alongside colleagues on the Technical Advisory Committee, will:

  • Provide detailed input on the draft country profiles to ensure that the information is accurate and representative of conditions on the ground; 
  •  Review and propose revisions to the draft country profiles within your area of expertise;  
  • Identify gaps in the research, particularly those that relate to analysis of governance; and
  • Serve as a liaison to other stakeholders or experts that could contribute to the country profiles and other goals of the Initiative
SAFAI initial meeting (1)