New publications through EURASTiP


A new publication from the EURASTiP project on Europe-Asia collaboration in education and training has is now available on the EURASTiP project website. This was authored by John Bostock and edited by Aqua TT, with case studies contributed by Mags Crumlish from Stirling and project partners including the Universities of Ghent and Wageningen. The full report title is: “EURASTiP Best Practice Case Studies: Aquaculture Training and Capacity Building Collaborations between Europe and Southeast Asia.” It provides general information about models of collaboration and issues that need to be addressed such as academic recognition and credits. There are then seven separate case studies that provide concrete examples of collaborations that have taken place.


Also recently published is a second paper by Alexandra Pounds on Open Educational Resources (OER). This is based on work carried out during her Masters in Sustainable Aquaculture at the Institute of Aquaculture in association with the EURASTiP project. The paper is entitled “Suitable economic models for Open Educational Resources initiatives in aquaculture higher education” and is published in Aquaculture International. Based on survey work carried out over the Internet, it considers economic models for promoting the use of Open Educational Resources. It complements an earlier article also published in Aquaculture International “Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education courses in aquaculture and fisheries: Opportunities, barriers and future perspectives”. This research is helping to inform EURASTiP project activities involving the production of new Open Educational materials.